Adapting to New Market Practices in Commercial Music

Remember having to go to a record store to pick up the latest album from your favorite artist? With the new age in streaming entertainment, media awaits our fingertips for what is perhaps the most convenient way of listening to our favorite music or viewing the latest movies and tv shows.

With the rapidly changing climate of how we consume music, breeds a new strategy of marketing. Applications like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music are not only pushing the envelope for marketers to get ahead in the rat race but also gives independent artists equal opportunity to showcase and promote their music.

Proven scientific methods in marketing audio material are becoming much more important in todays technologically modern landscape. Tools such as search engine optimization, KPI’s, and demographic analytics helps provide a lucid perspective for marketers to push their products more efficiently.

Spotify, for example, gives independent creators a chance to submit their work to Spotify’s editorial team with a chance of landing their music on popular channels on the applications homepage. Playlists like “New Music Friday”, “Popular Music”, and “Today’s Top Hits” are listened to by users specifically looking for their next favorite band or artist.

The music industry is headed in a direction that relies heavily on clicks, word-of-mouth marketing, and impressions to help elevate the product to a position that will see more eyeballs.

CD sales in America have dropped 97% since its pinnacle in 2000 and haven’t seen lower sales since 1986. Success in music marketing requires a much more contemporary approach to stay in the game and engage against other competitors.

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