Consumer Habits and the Buying Decision Process in Todays Music Industry

The world of music has become one of the more rapidly changing industries with
regards to where the market is moving, technologically. Ten years ago, if you wanted to
hear the latest pop record (all new music would release on a Tuesday), you would have
to get into your car, drive to the closest record store and purchase a CD. Wow, what a
throwback concept, right? In my personal opinion, I miss the little things like this in the
sense that it was an experience.
Today, new music is, for the most part, released on Fridays at midnight on a
plethora of streaming platforms such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.
Spotify is by far the most popular service, being the pioneer in music streaming. Spotify
has over 70 million tracks, catering to an audience of roughly 345 million users
worldwide. So, how exactly is an artist to make waves on such a saturated platform?
The decision making process for Spotify is as follows.
Spotify has a rather easy-to-use interface, whether you are on the app or desktop
version of the service. The decision making process for consumers on Spotify usually
comes from either prior knowledge of an artist or by the playlists Spotify offers such as
the “New Music Friday”, “Hot Hits”, or “Discover Weekly”. For artists attempting to break
through and land their music on Spotify playlists, you would either have to submit your
material to their editorial team, pitch your music to Spotify user playlists, and feature/
promote your new releases on your Spotify artist profile.
The way for consumers to discover new music on this service rests in the hands
of the algorithm that allows new artists to be featured on top playlists on the homepage
of the app. Other than this, of course there are other ways for customers to make a
decision in what they want to listen to such as media publications like Billboard, Spin,
and Fader or by a number of entertainment sources on social media such as Complex,
Rolling Stone, etc.

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