Direct-to-Fan Marketing in Music

In today’s world, we as marketers are fortunate to taste the luscious fruits of technological innovation which keeps evolving at a fast pace. When I say this, I mean how practical and almost easier it is to connect to your audience right at the tip of your thumbs (a Twitter pun, of course) in one of the many forms of Direct-to-fan marketing or more generally, Direct Marketing. Many industries have not taken advantage of this method or perhaps it doesn’t lend itself to other fields as much (ex: doctors, lawyers) but seems to be a perfect fit for the music industry. 

A prime example of direct-to-fan marketing can be seen every day on applications such as Instagram and Twitter where recording artists sell their concert tickets directly to their fans. This cuts out the middleman of Ticketmaster or Vivid Seats and leaves the artist with all the profit. This also allows the flexibility to offer incentives or prizes such as signed memorabilia or backstage passes and one-on-one time with, let’s say, your favorite band. This may be even considered first class direct-to-fan marketing as you are literally standing face to face with your consumer. 

Another form of direct marketing which is pretty much transferrable to any form of business is Email Marketing. One of the more crucial tactics in building your client/fanbase while gathering important pieces of info is having a newsletter signup at your concerts, album release events, etc. It may be difficult to secure an email address because of how dubious people feel about giving out their personal information and to not be bothered. A simple fix? Offer promotional items if they sign up to your newsletter such as 10% OFF all band merchandise like shirts or keychains. 

These are a few examples of utilizing your resources to help grow your consumer base and connect with your consumer base to help maintain a healthy relationship cycle. I will provide more examples on this in the coming weeks so stay tuned and thanks for checking in! 

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