Effective Methods of Marketing for Musicians

Is Google AdWords An Effective Method of Marketing for Musicians?

by Alex Stensby

From Starving Musician to Profitable Position

Marketing yourself as a music artist in today’s modern landscape is much more challenging, not in the lack of resources available but in which ones are the most effective. In my belief, beneficial marketing practices should be composed of where your audience lies. I may sound like a broken record because of how I must stress that in effective platform marketing, knowing your target demographic is integral for long-term financial success.

Why Not Use Google?

Google AdWords has not been the most traditional way for artists to promote their music. However, recent upward trends have proven that this service has helped independent artists boost their Google ranking and help drive traffic to their website, Spotify page, or whichever platform they use to turn a profit. With Google’s CPC (Cost-Per-Click) structure, you are benefiting from when someone clicks on your ad, which could be more cost effective. In order to achieve this, you must understand how to target with geo-targeting regions you feel will respond to your product more positively.

Crowd at concert

Okay, Google Should Pay Me at this Point

There is a reason why Google has become a household name and literally a verb in Webster’s Dictionary. This is because Google is historically the best platform for finding out pretty much anything.

From finding out the best new restaurant in your city to exploring something niche specific such as new indie rap artist, Google has helped such a wide variety of startups and small businesses grow into much greener pastures.

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