Face the Music

by Alexander Stensby

 The State of Music Listeners and Accessibility to Content 

The variety of media available today, specifically music, and the accessibility of content to customers now is bigger than ever. On a variety of platforms, you are able to listen to music at any time, wherever. Distribution and inventiveness have expanded, allowing for the development of new economic models for musicians and the rise of emerging artists. This has resulted in a more diversified and more competitive music supply side than ever before.

As a hip hop/rap/R&B artist, I routinely sponsor ads for my latest tracks or any promotional content on Instagram. What helps generate impressions and engagement is the fact that I previously surveyed locals in Miami, Florida where I live via the internet and even in-person discussions. The questions I asked included in this musical survey would first tackle the lifestyle and music genre the subject (AKA you) listens to/relates with. This means narrowing down your audience to formulate an efficient and effectual campaign. 

What Questions Do You Ask Music Fans? 

Simply starting off, you may ask their age and occupation, if they have children, wife or husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. Then you can delve into more concentrated survey questions such as what their favorite genre is and then more specifically who their favorite band or music artist is.

Additionally, implementing an open-ended follow-up question to this would be beneficial to understanding the person you are surveying. A simple “Why is this artist or band your favorite and what makes you gravitate towards their music?” This will help open up the vault to their psyche and behavioral patterns that contribute to their decision-making process.

In Summation: Pay Attention to Repetition in Responses 

When surveying the public, what helps distinguish a general consensus is to pay special attention to replies which occur repeatedly. It is worth listening to if it is said by, let’s say, three distinct individuals. In the end, what needs to happen is understanding your identity which will assist in your line of questioning. Efficiency is important when finding key data to help guide you on your marketing ship. Not only does it support your overall efforts, but it will also put your mind at ease where you can then focus on big picture endeavors. 

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