Honesty in the Music Industry

by Alexander Stensby

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Abe Ain’t Lyin’

In today’s digital landscape, many would find it difficult to run a successful and lucrative business that takes upholds a strong moral standard that the public can trust given the amount of eyeballs watching and documenting our every move. I understand how this could come off as off-putting when as human beings, we should always be genuine in our nature, but here we are.

Virtually everything we say and do (that we publish on the internet for the world to see) is either keeping us honest or we are adept in creating a false image of who we truly strive to be. In the world of music, honesty and authenticity are massively important as our consumer base is very expressive and passionate about what they like/dislike and who they choose to listen to. As our world’s rapid expanding social network grows and people continue to connect through modern applications, maintaining a healthy brand image is hugely significant if you want to build trust and faith in your audience.

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This Shouldn’t Be Anything New, But It Is…

In my experiences working in brand development, your first impression with a potential market is obviously crucial to long term success, however, you can only go upwards in building a stable network. One slip of the tongue or a lapse in judgment can prove fatally irreparable to your organization’s brand loyalty. One example that always comes to mind when touching on this subject is the allegations against R&B singer/songwriter, R. Kelly.

If you are not familiar with this story, let me painfully explain this tragic and unfortunate happening. Robert Kelly (R. Kelly) is a music artist from the southside of Chicago, who has been convicted of sex trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping, and the list goes on and on. What makes this relative to my point is the fact that allegations, evidence, and testimony began to arise in the dawn of the social internet era that we live in today. Thanks to the innovation of access to information, we can pretty much find out anything about anyone, given thorough “investigative” research. We live in the era of internet sleuths working tirelessly for no other goal than to find out the truth.

In my own opinion (and I’m sure the opinion of any other decent human being), R. Kelly is a complete monster considering the crimes he was accused of and found guilty of. I’d rather not harp on such a heartbreaking, macabre case, but my point is that everyone is watching. Again, this is the extreme specimen of not being morally sound. He is now serving 30 years for his doings and rightfully so.

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Just Do Right and Be Good

In the end, If a company or in this case, a music artist is a terrible individual, there is no hiding the fact. So, in a lighter, comical note, just be good. Spread a positive image, show support, and never take your following for granted. Companies cannot easily BS us anymore with propaganda and false facts. Any successful musician has earned their stripes, not only with their talent, but with their character. These are my current thoughts on the concept of building a strong foundation and healthy brand loyalty.

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