Successful Content Marketing Tips and Strategies for Musicians

by Alexander Stensby


Basic Content Marketing for Independent Artists

A daunting method that musicians venturing into making money off their craft is that they must start from scratch in creating a strong content marketing campaign.  There are distinct approaches to digital marketing for musicians that uses various social media music marketing techniques which will, in turn, help them develop as artists and build a strong following. Content marketing is comprised of offering promotional materials, giveaways, free merch, etc. to draw in a crowd. This is why content marketing will lead to conversions and help grow a fanbase that will then pay for the products you initially gave away in the beginning. I’ve provided a couple of useful tips and insight into productive content marketing.

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Free Concerts/Shows

One way to promote yourself as an artist with content marketing is to offer a free concert or live broadcast on your social media channels a la MTV “unplugged” but virtually online. I believe this is a smart way to build a following while not breaking the bank. All you have to do essentially, is perform your music which I’m sure you do plenty of already when writing and recording in your studio. Virtual concerts may be the greatest option if you want to increase your fan base in other places but are unable to go on tour. A free live stream on Facebook or Instagram, a marketing event on YouTube Live, or a tweet about it are just a few of the options. All of them are incredibly effective content marketing strategies.

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Interacting with Fans Using Polls and Q & A’s

You may engage with your followers through live streaming sessions as a musician but also as a human being, offering insight and Q&A segments where you let fans interact with eachother. This creates community and togetherness amongst your fans which will in turn, benefit your brand image. Content marketing is all about giving substance, which in this case is information, conversation, and community. Request that your followers and contacts on social media, email, etc. help promote your music or the music of your friends by posting videos of them rocking out to your new single and albums, images of them sporting your clothing, or even clips from your live performances.

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To connect with your audience, consider a variety of original approaches. The most effective approach for musicians to connect personally with their audience is through content marketing. Familiarity and relative content is the key to your listeners’ hearts while connecting them to each other. This, in my view, is the most proactive way to tackle the concept of content marketing in the music industry.

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