The Importance of Branding as a Music Artist

It’s crucial in life to distinguish who you are and what sets you apart from others. You could say your uniqueness is what will leave a lasting impression on people, and this is particularly paramount when it comes to the music industry and marketing yourself as a music artist.

As a hip hop artist, I am constantly looking for ways to create a distinctive image and sound that will A.) draw positive attention to my craft and B.) incorporate elements of myself that others can relate to and see some of themselves in me. A couple examples would include dying my hair red and creating a unique nickname or “rap name” such as Stensbeats (which is a play-on-words of my last name, Stensby). Not only is branding important to set yourself apart but also to make your clients/ customers feel comfortable knowing what to expect from your business.

I feel, “the not knowing” could create some anxiety to whether or not someone will give you their
business/attention. So, the importance of branding, in this case as a musician or music
artist, is to distinguish yourself from competitors and showing with various elements why
consumers will make a better decision in choosing you.

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