Viral Media in the Music Industry

by Alex Stensby

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What Does It Take To Make It?

When a recording artist decides to pursue their career, one of the initial goals is to capture the attention of an audience by going viral. Their music may reach millions of people in only 24 hours thanks to one viral Instagram story or Twitter post. The importance of first impressions is very real in the world of music. In a trend setting industry, being current with the pubic is highly significant to your brand and the longevity of your credibility. What I find more crucial to success is finding a niche and running with it.

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So, The Plot Thickens…

When you think about it, music consumers are always focused on either relative content or viral media. I will never forget the viral campaign that rapper Mike Jones ran with his hit single, “Back Then” on February 15, 2005. His Blue Ocean Strategy was to release his personal phone number for fans to call. “281-330-8004” will forever be stored in my brain due to the repetitive and consistent viral marketing. If you called that number, what you would hear was an automated message promoting Mike Jones’ music. This example of viral marketing is effective because of repetition via messages and continuous branding efforts.

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In The End, Talent Will Get You There

There are several ways to market your songs and spread the word about your music, including internet posts, performing, leasing, and more. Regardless of the challenges you may face in going viral , writing excellent music is the greatest approach to have your tunes heard. Although branding and advertising contribute to the distribution of your music, you still need a self-contained product. This means maintaining a consistent image while producing material that you know your target demographic will relate to and enjoy.

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