Why Video Advertising is So Effective in Music

Everybody sees this; before you get to watch a cute and funny cat video on YouTube, there pops an ad right before you’re able to see a cat riding on a Roomba. Content creators on Youtube as well as other video streaming websites are relying heavily on video advertising to make extra capital.

According to Musically, 44% of Americans use YouTube for music consumption. Below are theall-time top 30 most viewed songs/music videos on YouTube. So, clearly music has an enormous significance to the success of video advertising, at least for YouTube. Advertisers pay $.10 to $.30 per view on YouTube, averaging out to $.18 per view.

This doesn’t sound very profitable but when you crunch the numbers (based on $18 per 1,000 views), an ad viewed 1 million times has the potential to generate $180,000 in revenue so you could imagine the success of putting an ad before an extremely popular Justin Bieber music video, for example.

In closing, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, in regards to why video advertising is so important in todays modern society. It is definitely one mode of advertising to keep in your mind for future reference.

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