Exploring the Digital Marketplace

A Conversation with VP of Marketing for Betterfly, Fernando Barretto This past week, I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down and chopping it up with marketing professional, Fernando Barretto. He has had an illustrious career working in various departments of marketing, branding, and content creation. This has led him to his current and new… Continue reading Exploring the Digital Marketplace

Managing Expectations in Music

by Alexander B. Stensby In the business of hip hop music, controlling expectations is essential to guaranteeing consumer satisfaction. Here, clients consist of rap music producers, other industry experts, and artists themselves (hip hop artists, singers, and rappers). Artists must to be well aware of what is expected of them by their record label in terms of marketing assistance,… Continue reading Managing Expectations in Music

“Omnichanneling” the Future of Music Marketing

by Alexander B. Stensby The way the music industry engages with its consumer base has been transformed by omnichannel marketing. It offers a more comprehensive and linked strategy for interacting with fans, marketing music, and developing a unified and tailored journey throughout numerous channels. Musicians may interact with fans throughout a variety of channels, including as social… Continue reading “Omnichanneling” the Future of Music Marketing

Face the Music

by Alexander Stensby  The State of Music Listeners and Accessibility to Content  The variety of media available today, specifically music, and the accessibility of content to customers now is bigger than ever. On a variety of platforms, you are able to listen to music at any time, wherever. Distribution and inventiveness have expanded, allowing for… Continue reading Face the Music

The Importance of Marketing Research in the Music Industry

By Alexander Stensby It’s difficult to project the direction of the music business in this continuously changing environment. What a modern musician must endure in order to connect with a relevant, adaptable audience is very challenging in a somewhat turbulent music market. However, the tools available in today’s industrial landscape could benefit music marketers and help… Continue reading The Importance of Marketing Research in the Music Industry

Honesty in the Music Industry

by Alexander Stensby Source: ITexamNotes Abe Ain’t Lyin’ In today’s digital landscape, many would find it difficult to run a successful and lucrative business that takes upholds a strong moral standard that the public can trust given the amount of eyeballs watching and documenting our every move. I understand how this could come off as off-putting when as… Continue reading Honesty in the Music Industry

Successful Content Marketing Tips and Strategies for Musicians

by Alexander Stensby Source: MAËL ROTH Basic Content Marketing for Independent Artists A daunting method that musicians venturing into making money off their craft is that they must start from scratch in creating a strong content marketing campaign.  There are distinct approaches to digital marketing for musicians that uses various social media music marketing techniques which will, in turn, help them… Continue reading Successful Content Marketing Tips and Strategies for Musicians

How to Successfully Market Data in the Music Industry

by Alexander Stensby Source: General Assembly Utilizing your Findings When a data panel is held at a music industry convention, the common findings are: 1.) Music marketers are inundated with data in the age of social networks and streaming services, and 2.) The problem isn’t collecting the data, but making sense of it. Music industry… Continue reading How to Successfully Market Data in the Music Industry

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